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Portrait of Michèle Pracht

Can you present the campus to us in a few words?

The Fougères Vitré Industrie business campus operates in the district of Fougères Vitré in the east of Ille-et-Vilaine. Four EPCIs -Couesnon Marches de Bretagne, Fougères Agglomeration, Vitré Community, Roche aux Fées Community- cover this territory of 184,000 inhabitants and around 19,000 industrial jobs. The industrial sector represents one in three jobs there, the unemployment rate is low and manufacturers encounter difficulties in recruiting. The Campus was born from this issue of attractiveness in the trades of this sector. Its vocation is to overcome these recruitment difficulties, as well as to develop and promote industry professions. The Campus is an association which was founded in July 2019. It has 4 colleges made up of 36 companies and professional organizations and the CCI 35, 10 industrial training organizations, the 4 EPCIs mentioned above, as well as the Brittany Region. . The Five Fablab Innovation Vitré Entreprise and the Maison de l'Emploi de l'Entreprise et de la Formation du Pays de Vitré are also involved in the association.

What cooperation do you maintain with the territories?

The territorial approach is constitutive of the Campus. All the players have been involved in a process of co-constructing projects and are regularly contacted. This is how we recently responded to a call for proposals for the Future Investments Program, where the Campus is the supporting structure for 7 project leaders. We are developing different actions around 3 pillars of attracting, training and acculturating. Our approach is to offer a local action offer by working with the various players in the territory.

How do you anticipate changes in the industrial world?

In addition to the monitoring work that could be described as routine, such as documentary research, we maintain regular exchanges with our partners. Afterworks or conferences to promote the exchange of practices and knowledge are also times that make it possible to probe developments. Finally, we are working on acculturation to the industry of the future by getting closer to fablabs and other third places and by co-constructing proposals that we then make available to members of the association and more generally to all actors of the territory Learners.

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