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Portrait of Marie-Claude Mioche

In your opinion, how does the cultural association of Château de Goutelas have a territorial dimension?

The cultural association of Château de Goutelas has not just one but two territorial dimensions. The first is linked to the history of the Château, which endures through the desire to make it a meeting place and cultural program. We wanted to label this project to strengthen our actions in the area, which is how the Center Culturel de Rencontre label was obtained in 2015. The second territorial dimension concerns the associative organization which is seen as complementary in the distribution skills. We are working to have members who feel responsible and accountable for the actions carried out in their territory. At the same time, we benefit from professional investments with employees committed to regional development. For example, our director of the Grégory Diguet association, which has made it possible to develop numerous partnerships with local players and has taken over the management of the programs. We therefore have a place that is fully in line with the action of its territory.

How does Château de Goutelas maintain the city-countryside relationship by relying on culture?

First of all, it should be noted that through our efforts, we want to shatter the distinction between urban cultural places and rural cultural places. An important boost for a territory like ours where a peri-urban population and a rural agricultural population rub shoulders.

For this, we see ourselves as a place of innovation by addressing subjects such as the decompartmentalization of know-how, the promotion of new forms of solidarity, or even the questioning of hospitality. Notions that we have dealt with with the Shelters of fortune program. It is essential for us that our exhibitions and workshops are rooted in regional issues. This meeting place is also enriched by the hosting of artists 'residences, jurists' residences, and conferences. We offer a multitude of cultural actions to make it a living place and enhance Relation and Sharing. Make the Château de Goutelas a place of transmission, a place of learning.

What interest do you see in a Learning Territories?

It is to bring together and create relationships between the different public inhabitants and actors of the Territory to learn from others the multiple realities of the latter, and its various environmental, economic and social issues. It is therefore learning one's territory and learning from one's territory, but also learning with others, and developing a culture of relationships.

To summarize this notion of Learning Territories, it is learning from others, learning from one's territory and learning together.

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